Qualia Designs

Jerry Arsenault - Owner of Qualia Designs

Jerry Arsenault
Creative Director
Operating Since 2002

A web design and web development studio in Nelson B.C.

We’ve learned the catchy lingo and rabid design trends that drive web designers into a slathered frenzy. We prefer level heads and old-fashioned sensibility when approaching flavor of the month web design fads.

We do the web development thing with a “down to earth” approach. We don’t talk over our clients heads; we give more than we take, we insist on crafting websites based on each clients unique needs and requirements for ultimate success.

We expect ourselves to be excellent, amiable, and supportive from design to marketing, because we have a simple philosophy that drives what we do “It’s about having great relationships with awesome people.”

Creative ~ Development ~ Branding ~ Marketing

Qualia Designs operates like an agency with all the creative magic and essential points of contact to make your project come off with champagne bottle smashing goodness.

Give us a try, and find out how awesome it is having a web development and design team in your pocket.