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Two Easy Ways to Provide a Google Business Review

Obviously, I am using my own business as the example for this little “how to”, but please feel free to use this step by step guide to get reviews for your own business as well.

There are two main ways to go about adding a review for businesses on Google Places.

The first way is easiest through a desktop computer but can also be done on a tablet or smartphone if you have a current Gmail account. This includes a current Google for Business account. (Where Google hosts your email, but uses your domain name. for example my email address: is specific to my domain name, yet I can visit and manage my email.)

The second way is if you don’t have a current GMAIL account but have a Google Maps App on your smartphone. This method is super easy using the maps feature, but the hardest part is typing your review using your smartphone keypad.


Visit the following URL to bring up Qualia Designs Business listing.

On the right-hand side of the search box should appear the Google business listing. Click the Write a Review button to begin.

(Step 1 screen capture)

Step 1 - Desktop Screen shot - Click the Write a Review button on the right to write a review on Google Places listings.



You will be prompted to sign in to your Gmail account if you aren’t already. Provide the password you use for your email. This window is essentially a GMAIL log in screen, and your password will remain secure as per Gmail and Google services log in procedures.

(Step 2 screen capture)

Step 2 - Desktop Screen shot - Sign in to your Gmail account if you aren’t already. Provide the password you use for your email. This window is essentially a Gmail login window.



Once you have logged in with your Gmail password, your will see a modal window with star ratings and a review box. Fill it out as much as your see fit.

(Step 3 screen capture)

Step 3 - Desktop Screen shot - Select your star rating for the business and leave a meaningful review. Click the "Post" button and you are all done!




step-1-iphone_screenSTEP 1 SUP BITCHES:
First, you have to have the Google Maps App on your smartphone or tablet. If you are a regular user of this App, you will already be signed in and can follow the steps to add a review. To Begin tap the App to open it.(Step 1 screen capture)

step-2-iphone_screenSTEP 2:
Tap the search bar and enter the name “Qualia Designs” and tap search in the lower right-hand corner.
(Step 2 screen capture)

step-3-iphone_screenSTEP 3:
The map screen will load with the Icon Google Map show our business location and the business listing located at the bottom of the screen. Swipe the screen up to reveal the business details.
(Step 3 screen capture)

step-4-iphone_screenSTEP 4:
When swiping the screen up the business listing will eventually show the business review summary and the “Your Review” entry fields.
(Step 4 screen capture)

step-5-iphone_screenSTEP 5:
Tap the number of stars you wish to give our business.
(Step 5 screen capture)

 step-6-iphone_screenSTEP 6:
Once you have taped the stars the business review description box will open and you can write a message that you think would be helpful to others in understanding how we can help them with their web development projects. Just Click DONE and well, you are done!
(Step 6 screen capture)


If you are curious about Google’s Review Policy click to read more.

Thank you for taking the time to provide a Google review.
It helps us build our business here, and it makes us proud know that we can be of service.
I hope you are equally able to benefit from these steps as well.