Recent Project

Autism Awareness Centre

A one stop information portal for an overwhelmingly useful amount of information about Autism.

Maureen Bennie’s Autism Awareness Centre is our longest running client. They started with us back when we were snot nosed punks fresh out of web development school cutting our teeth on proprietary Content Management Systems that cost to much and delivered too little.

We steered them through the fledgling CMS and Ecommerce systems built by small boutique development shops in the beginning, and quickly helped them step up into bigger shoes with larger feature rich community developed CMS platforms in ’06.

Nowadays we call WordPress home with a tight Woocommerce package, a fully responsive site architecture, and modern design to deliver conferences, and products to Autism Awareness Centre’s Canadian and European Clientele.

Autism Awareness Centre has seen the light of continuous improvement and constant iteration. Maureen might enthusiastically tell you we have helped her save tens of thousands of dollars in streamlining not only online processes, but also office operations with the right tools.

A very small list of the innumerable many things we have helped Autism Awareness Centre Accomplish:

  1. Responsive Web development and refinements.
  2. Complete migration of user and order histories into new ecommerce platform during the Great WordPress/Woocommerce migration of 2012.
  3. Complete brand management and resource development including:
    1. Business cards
    2. print advertising
    3. full color product catalogue design
    4. displays and banners
    5. brochure design
    6. slide & presentation design
  4. Streamlining online conference registration and ordering systems in the shopping cart to reduce administrative overhead in the office.
  5. Consistent site design refinements and alterations based on a strict evidence based iteration process.
  6. Setup and manage Social Media and Email Marketing Systems that keep her following informed and up to date on what is happening with Autism, Aspergers, and related disorders.

Maureen is one of our favorites. We can strategize, shoot the shit and get awesome things done together. Continuous improvement is a way of life with Autism Awareness Centre’s resources. A site this information rich and technical requires an eye for constant improvements.

Some quick & positive numbers we are proud of