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ClearThink™ helps organizations get organized, grow strategic chops, & focus on being awesome.

We go way back with Keleigh and Pierre over at ClearThink™. They taught us marketing essentials back when Jerry was a bright-eyed keener in E-media & Design school. Those were the days when all anybody could talk about was Flash and motion graphics. Before Apple made a comeback, when cell phones were plastic bricks with calculator screens and only one game while internet marketing rebelliously pretended it didn’t need the old school fundamentals.

How things have changed; now a days ClearThink™ Group is providing essential strategic engagement, traditional and online communications plans, opportunity assessments, and trade missions helping organizations across Canada get their ducks in a row.

Qualia Designs has proudly been their “Go To” for not only their brand and web development, but has also worked on many of their client projects over the years.